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New Affiliate: Small Fandoms Bang!
Nordic Noir w/text
eve_n_furter wrote in nordic_noir
I'm happy to announce that nordic_noir is now an affiliate community of smallfandombang! Thanks goes to the mod there, spikedluv. :)

Small Fandoms Bang is a big bang community for small fandoms. A big bang is a long fanfic (≈ more than 10.000 words). Writing a long story can be something of a challenge and even more if you are writing for a small fandom, and so the smallfandombang community is there to provide encouragement, help and cheer-leading to make you reach your writing goals. And as the nordic_noir fandoms are generally small and have much too few big bangs (in my opinion :D), the community could be very useful for Nordic Noir fans. So go for it: that longfic your plotbunnies have been nibbling at!


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